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3D technical animation

Sometimes the most compelling aspect of a product can’t be captured by any camera. That’s where 3D technical animation comes in. We can take your existing files (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, etc.) and:

  • demonstrate precisely how your product works through realistic, animated graphics
  • showcase the hidden details that set your product apart
  • make complex information easy to understand
  • visualize concepts still in development

Whether you’re looking to “wow” potential clients or train employees, 3D Waves’ technical animations bring your product to life.

Interactive 3D applications

With an interactive 3D application, you can give users a virtual hands-on experience with your product—one that doesn’t just show them how your product works but involves them in the action. Ideal for:

  • education and training—users can interact with the application (take the product apart and rebuild, do test runs)
  • marketing—engage customers with a realistic experience of how your product operates
  • innovation—show new product concepts and prototypes

We’ll take your existing files (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, etc.) and create a 3D application that is:

  • 100% accurate in scale and appearance
  • user friendly
  • completely interactive

Help your audience “do and understand” with 3D Wave’s interactive applications.

3D image design

Make your product pop off the page or screen with 3D image design. Achieve greater realism and depth of image. Take a concept from technical specs to photo-realistic images. Give your audience the opportunity to view a product from different angles online, or highlight the features you want to emphasize in a printed format.

3D Wave can create breathtaking 3D images for your:

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