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If you’re new to our software and what it can offer, reach out to us through sales@3dwavedesign.com. Our small, dedicated team can walk you through several demos showcasing the technology, along with understanding how it can be custom-tailored to meet your needs; whether visualizing environmental data (flooding / wildfire), climate change adaptation, infrastructure analysis, risk management, interactive tabletop training for EMO and more.

Our tool will help you identify potential risk and plan for the future.

Our software relies on LiDAR data for building 3D terrain with accurate elevation, which is paramount in visualizing environmental data. LiDAR is being collected around the globe, and typically can be found in public domain repositories online for download. If you’re not sure the data exists in your area, we can check for you, or schedule a flight to have it collected!

Some companies offer 3D modelling of terrain with drones through a process called Photogrammetry. Although this can look similar to 3D LiDAR, its elevation is approximated by a computer and is not accurate.

Projects are scalable and broken into several components; size of area/areas, acquisition and cleanup of LiDAR data, embedded content and custom elements (examples would be environmental or engineering data, videos, interactivity and more). Depending on the complexity and size of each component, budgets can typically vary between $10,000 to $100,000. It all comes down to what you need!

Yes! Our software comes bundled with standalone tools for visualizing flooding and wildfires, however, some projects require integrating data from outside sources. We can work with many forms of GIS related engineering data; from hydrodynamic analysis to georeferenced vectors, our real-time 3D software can visualize data intensive files on consumer grade desktop, laptop and mobile devices. With our small project file sizes, you can seamlessly include the map within your website or presentation!

We’ve built custom applications for both, and are well versed in adapting the technology to your specifications! Reach out to us through sales@3dwavedesign.com, and we can help you define your specified requirements.

As an indigenous owned and operated company ourselves, we are uniquely positioned to apply a Two-Eyed Seeing approach. We will incorporate your traditional ecological knowledge with applied science to help your community become resilient, and plan for the future.

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